New contract for Wotton as an ‘exciting’ future beckons

New contract for Wotton as an ‘exciting’ future beckons

Gareth Davies

Boss Paul Wotton has committed his future to Truro City by inking a new contract, writes Gareth Davies.

The 43-year-old, who replaced Paul Wilkinson in July 2019, has revealed in an exclusive interview with the Voice that new terms would not have been agreed if he didn’t believe in the White Tigers’ long-term plan.

It is understood that a new deal for Wotton has been on the table for a number of weeks. With the deal formally sealed in the past week, his commitment will come as a positive shot in the arm for City supporters faced with a 100-mile round trip for home games at Plymouth Parkway next season after the club vacated Treyew Road.

Wotton also says he fully expects Truro to run out at a new stadium of their own in the near future.

“It was an easy decision to sign a new contract because if there was an ounce of doubt about the stadium or regarding the support of the board, Dicky Evans and Alex Black, then I wouldn’t have signed the contract,” he began.

“Everything had to be right and it is. This is a great time for the football club and it is in the best place it has been for quite a while. Like I said, the club is run by really good people and I am trying to get a squad together that Truro fans can be proud of and we are getting there.

“It has been two hugely frustrating seasons since I have been at Truro and we haven’t achieved what I or the club would like to achieve.

“Discussions have been ongoing (about a new contract) and the way the club is going, I genuinely believe in the project. The future of Truro City Football Club is exciting with a new ground to be built and we are progressing on the pitch which I am pleased with.

“The backing and support of Dicky Evans, Alex Black, Jack Richards and Rebecca Thomas has been absolutely fantastic. We are changing an awful lot at the club, but things take time to change, in terms of the culture. When I took over, the club had just been relegated so it was a case of changing people’s mindset and attitude, to implement my beliefs and standards within football.

“Slowly, everyone is buying into it and were are a good team on and off the pitch. I am committed and I wouldn’t have signed the contract if I didn’t believe in the project or the future of the football club.

“It is an exciting time, but we just need to get back to playing football so we can get to where we want to be.”

After news of the Treyew Road sale and subsequent ground share with Plymouth Parkway was announced, supporters were understandably left with mixed emotions. However, Wotton moved to assure City fans that his loyalty sends a clear message that the future is bright.

He added: “I am presuming that my commitment sends out a good message although I can understand the frustration of the fans. I have said before that this current situation is short-term pain for long-term gain and I can’t reiterate enough that if I didn’t think the ground would happen and we would be ground sharing for a number of years, I wouldn’t have signed the contract.”