Ex-Blazey boss steps into hot seat at Marshfield Parc

Ex-Blazey boss steps into hot seat at Marshfield Parc

Callington’s Matt Hayden

19th May 2021

By Gareth Davies

Callington Town have appointed former St Blazey joint-boss Matt Hayden as their first team manager for the 2021-22 campaign.

Since previous incumbent Sam Borthwick stepped down last October, Marshfield Parc chairman Steve Blatchford had been in caretaker charge and with the season for Peninsula League clubs not restarting post-lockdown, Cally have taken their time to find a permanent successor. After his dismissal from Blaise Park in January due a pre-Christmas breach of covid-19 rules, Hayden had initially joined Wadebridge boss Paul Rowe’s coaching staff at Bodieve Park.

However, Hayden departed after less than a month in the role and was set to join another club before that fell through. After spending a short time out of the game, he is now handed the task of leading Callington from their struggles over the past two, aborted seasons. He told the Voice: “I had a phone call from the Callington chairman asking if I wanted to go in there. We both laid our cards on the table and we both had positive conversations back and forth and after thinking about it for a couple of days, I accepted the job.”

“When I first took over at Blazey, it was the worst position the club had ever been in and I think I left it in a decent place for Phil Lafferty (new St Blazey manager). Callington must have seen what happened at Blazey and thought that my experience of pulling a club round, after a rough couple of years, made me a good candidate.

“Callington have got everything in place, they are a passionate club that want to do well, but in the last couple of years, they have been in and around the relegation zone.

“It is an exciting project and there is lots going on behind the scenes with the club now hopefully picking the right man to be at the helm of the first team.”