“It was inevitable” - City boss philosophical on league curtailment

“It was inevitable” - City boss philosophical on league curtailment

Gareth Davies

Boss Paul Wotton says that Truro City ‘have a way forward’ after the 2020-21 Southern League campaign was curtailed by the Football Association last week – subject to final ratification.

The White Tigers had played just eight league matches of their step three campaign and were once again considered a favourite for promotion back into the National League.

But just like the previous term, 2019-20, Wotton’s promotion dreams were shattered by covid-19 and after the curtailment was announced, the 43-year-old was philosophical when asked if he was glad that a final decision had been reached.

He told the Voice: “I don’t know if it is a feeling of relief, but we definitely have a way forward now.

“It was inevitable (that the season wouldn’t start again), we all knew it, but all the time that the league says nothing, you never know.

“Before we were in a little bit of limbo and we now we know.

“The next thing will be when we start the next season, and I am supremely confident with a normal start date.”

Looking back on his two seasons in charge of City to date, Wotton said he feels a range of emotions, but the former Plymouth Argyle luminary is determined to look forward to the next campaign and he’s urged the Southern League to announce a start date for 2021-22.

“The two seasons that have gone have been crazy with the pandemic and hugely frustrating,” he added.

“The new season, with a new contract and when we get the start date I will be like ‘right, here we go’. Until then, we are still in some kind of limbo.

“We have had the closure of last season, but we haven’t had the go ahead for the new one to start yet.

“As soon as we get that start date things will go into overdrive. January went really slow, February quite quick and we are already into March.

“The start of any new season isn’t a million miles away and I can’t see any reason why the Southern League can’t give us a start date.

“I know they can be a bit slow on the uptake, but why not, by setting a precedence and a date where they want their season to start.

“Then it will be like bang, let’s go.”

Although the official end to 2020-21 has only just been announced, Wotton admits that he has already started planning for next term and reiterated the populist view that time never waits in football, let alone for a manager.

“It is all systems go (for next season) and you should always be planning and pre-empting because time stands still for no man,” he enthused.

“We have pre-season games lined up and that is pretty much all sorted.

“Player recruitment is in effect and I need to decide on a few contracts as well for players that are already at the football club.

“There is plenty of time for all that to happen, but things are always happening.

“Football stands still for no-one and if you stand still, as I said before, you get left behind.

“We will prepare the best we can for next season like everyone else will.”­