Luna’s legacy brings hope to parents who lose babies
Charity founders Aimee and Ryan Conroy, pictured with baby Story, explained how their daughter Luna was born sleeping in November 2019.

Charity founders Aimee and Ryan Conroy, pictured with baby Story, explained how their daughter Luna was born sleeping in November 2019.

26th May 2021

By Suzanne Cleave

Random acts of kindness are helping to raise awareness and funds for bereaved parents in and around Saltash.

The challenge to do four nice things for people throughout May was set by the charity Luna’s Fund, which works to help people who have lost babies. One in four families suffer the agony of a baby dying

The charity set the task for people to spread love through four random acts of kindness.
Charity founders Aimee and Ryan Conroy’s daughter Luna was born sleeping in November 2019.
“I’d had a low-risk pregnancy with no warning signs so I was allowed a home birth,” Aimee, 26, said.

“But it all went wrong when the placenta, which was too short, snapped. There was no way to revive her.”

Aimee and Ryan, 28, began fund-raising to help others who have been through the same.
“It was Ryan’s idea,” Aimee said. “I was still in hospital and Ryan just said there had to be some better support for people going through this.

“People need help and he had a vision he wanted to be the one to do something. I was against it at the start. We’d just lost Luna and had decided to get married in a year, on her birthday. I had so much on my plate and didn’t really know what was involved.

“But we sat down at home and brainstormed some ideas of what we would have liked at that time.

We came up with a getaway service to start with. Another service we offer is food hampers. We were lucky our parents are local so they brought us food, even though we didn’t want to eat. But we thought about single mothers and those without family close who might not be able to go out and face people.

“And we also have a team of painters and decorators who will go in and redecorate a nursery if someone wants it to look different.

“Our nursery was a happy place but I spoke to a few mums who closed the doors to theirs for years. It takes a lot of energy to face the memories and go through the stuff, deciding what to do with it.”

In March, the charity held a March 100k in March challenge and raised £9,000.

“We were gobsmacked,” Aimee said. “Never in a million years did we believe we could raise this sum of money in a pandemic using only social media and a pair of legs.”

The ultimate aim of Luna’s Fund is to create Luna’s Lodge – a retreat where people can go straight after the death, after the funeral or maybe on a “babymoon” if they have a “rainbow baby” – a term used for a child who arrives after one who died.

In 2019, Aimee and Ryan had their rainbow baby, Story.

Aimee’s advice for those going through baby loss is to ride the grief wave.

She said: “It comes and goes in so many different forms of emotion. You will feel angry, guilty and even happy at certain times. You have got to be kind to yourself and keep talking, to friends and family or to services. It will get easier though it never goes away.”

The next fund-raiser will be a Harry Potter quiz at The Old Rowing Club, Torpoint on Friday, July 16 from 6.30pm. Tickets are £3 per person with teams of four or six. See Luna’s Fund Facebook page and Torpoint & Rame Community Events and Services for more details.