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Recognise the danger of camping

We have probably all done it at some stage in our lives. Whether it be to save a bit of cash or just the love of the great outdoors, camping is becoming one of the UK’s most popular pastimes, especially with the rise of glamping and a dramatic increase in staycations...

Patients face painful wait for dentists

I have spoken to three different people, from different backgrounds and different areas of Cornwall, but all have one thing in common: trying to get an NHS dentist! One has even considered taking a pair of pliers to his own teeth...

Hedge posies pose problem for motorists

If singer-song writer John Denver had penned his hit record Take Me Home, Country Roads about Cornish roads, I wonder how the lyrics would have gone? AA President Edmund King OBE has described parts of the Duchy as a jungle...

Saluting the helping hand of Cornwall

A time like no other.” That’s how Volunteer Cornwall’s support and development manager describes the impact of covid- 19 on his Cornish charity. For many years, Andy Brealsford popped over to my old BBC studios

Me, mum and covid: Andrew’s sad story

A little over a year ago, a Cornish gardener’s life was ripped apart when his mother became one of the first in Cornwall to die of a disease that was about to claim millions worldwide.

We’re full of tourists and full of optimism!

Don’t get me wrong – I love the tourists as much as the next man – but can Cornwall really cope with the expected surge of visitors this year? Some locals, as we know, call them Emmets...

Food for thought for the G7 summit

Forget climate change, coronavirus or scientific discoveries. The manager of one Cornish foodbank wants world leaders to concentrate on poverty.

Lockdown end could be harmful to our pets

Have we been suckered into paying way over the odds for dogs during the covid lockdown restrictions? Such has been the demand for four-legged friends that prices have soared, imports have rocketed and unscrupulous breeders have been cashing in.

Let’s talk – again – about the big issues

Former Radio Cornwall stalwart Laurence Reed pens his first column for the Voice. It’s been six months since I moved on from BBC Radio Cornwall. Have you missed me? I have certainly missed you.